What To Do When Firefox Keeps Crashing


Mozilla Firefox, although being one of the leading browsers that gives Chrome a run for its money, has its flaws. The most complained issue by Firefox users is that there are frequent browser crashes and they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to counter it effectively.

Web browsers are complicated and the reason for it can be interacting with other software’s on your system like – extensions and themes, plug-ins, security programs, graphics drivers and many others. One factor that can cause Firefox to crash, is an incompatible or an out-of-date software.

Before trying any of the tips mentioned below, make sure the Firefox browser is updated to the latest version. It is always a good idea to do so, since it might help prevent your browser from crashing frequently and you will also have access to the latest features.

Mozilla Crash Reporter

When your Firefox browser crashes, a ‘Mozilla Crash Reporter’ dialog box will appear. Send a crash report directly and wait for Firefox to respond. In case you want them to contact you, there’s an option for that as well. Simply check the box beside the option.

It also lets you read technical details of why Firefox crashed. If you think you have something to add to that, there is space where you can write more about the issue. It might help them fix the issue.

Switch your PC to Safe Mode

Another thing you can do if your Firefox crashes, is start it in Safe Mode. This helps in figuring out if a particular extension is the problem. Simply press the ‘Shift’ key while it starts, or open the Menu, click on the Question Mark and then on Restart with Add-Ons Disabled. On the popup window that appears, select ‘Start in Safe Mode’.

Use Safe Mode for a while and check if it works. If it does, one of your add-ons can be the issue. Leave the Safe Mode on while trying to disable each add-on one after the other, until you understand which one might be the problem-creator.

Try Resetting Firefox

It is advisable to reset Firefox. Many a times, going through this process helps counter the browser crash issue. What it does is, fight defects which are present in your system like – bugs or sometimes even unwanted features etc. To reset it, go to the Menu and then the Question Mark option. After which, open the Troubleshooting Information option and select ‘Refresh Firefox’.

Disable the Hardware Acceleration Feature

The hardware acceleration feature that Firefox has, uses the graphic card on your computer in order to render text as well as objects on any website. That feature aids in speeding up the process of webpage rendering and taking some weight off your computer’s back. But at times, the same feature might clash with certain graphic cards or drivers. As the hardware acceleration feature has its pros and cons, it should only be disable if you are certain that this is what is causing Firefox browser to crash frequently.

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