WhatsApp Video Calling Vs Skype and Facetime


With the recent launch of WhatsApp’s video calling feature, the question arose about how the service compares to already existing video calling apps like Facetime and Skype. There are several other features that must be considered in order to accurately tell which app reigns over the video calling space.

The larger consumer base and reach of WhatsApp might make it seem that this app is clearly a more suitable option. However, it must be noted that the iOS based app FaceTime, is also widely used as all Apple users have the app pre-installed on their devices. Due to the fact that Skype was the pioneering video calling service, this application also holds a fair share of the market.

Each app offers users different levels of security for video calling. While WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, Skype does not have this security. In WhatsApp, users are authenticated based on their registered mobile numbers, however in Skype users may choose to use nicknames, so they can only be traced via their IP address. One body that does have access to video calls on demand, is the law enforcement. Though companies like WhatsApp and Skype have given in to these requests, Apple on the other hand has been firm on not letting out this information.

Next what must be compared is the app and desktop accessibility. While all three apps are available on both mobile devices and the desktop, the WhatsApp experience is targeted more at mobile users. Thus it can be said that apps like FaceTime and Skype provide a more user-friendly experience as compared to WhatsApp on the desktop.

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A plus point of WhatsApp video calling, is that the feature is optimized for use, even on phones that are not as feature rich and have a low bandwidth level. This is where apps like FaceTime and Skype fall short. Users must have an expensive Apple device or at least a high-quality phone in order to optimally use either app.

Skype holds the upper-ground for features like video conferencing, as it is the only app which offers this ability. Whether you are a registered Skype user or not, you can still access this feature from the desktop application. Skype is therefore more commonly used for business calls, while WhatsApp and Skype are used more for personal calls.

An area where FaceTime fails, is its unavailability on other platforms besides Apple. Both Skype and WhatsApp can be used across any platform, whether it is Windows, Android or iOS. So with so many varied features to consider, it can be said that WhatsApp video calling is indeed a better app. However we are sure that there will be countless users who would strongly disagree.

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Which video calling app do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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