When Bose Goes Wireless

Bose; and the name is enough. Well the brand is known for manufacturing some of the best noise-cancelling headphones and it has also got expertise when it comes to wireless, as you can see in the case of the brilliant SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless II headphones. Today, we will write about the four new added products lined-up by the company which are priced in the range of $149.95-$349.95.

QuietComfort 35


QuietComfort 35 looks very much like the QuietComfort 25. The earcups are well padded and are available in black and silver. The left earcup has a single 2.5mm jack for a wired connection while on the right earcup you’ll get a micro USB charging port, a power slider and buttons for raising, pausing, skipping and lowering the volume. The headphones will work with both iOS and Android unlike the QuietComfort25s.

You would love switching the headphone between multiple connections like your phone and laptop and have no trouble. Battery life on QuietComfort 35 is also very impressive. It will run for 20 hours wirelessly and 40 hours with the wire. Also, the headphones include a mic and the same noise-cancelling technology helps to eradicate the background noise while attending calls.

QuietControl 30


This adjustable level of noise cancellation is the prominent feature of these headphones. There are about 12 levels of noise cancellation to pick from varying from no active noise cancellation to the same level which you get in QuietComfort35. In other words, Bose wants people to use the variable noise cancelling features to the fullest than simply putting it up to its maximum level.

The earbuds allow the entire frequency range to the voice rather than highlighting on the bass effect entirely. These ear-buds are slightly bulkier compared to the other in-ear headphones. May be it is because of the integration of a total of six microphones. They also feature Bose’s StayHear+ tips, which allow the buds to be attached to your ear without necessarily being completely sheltered in your ear tube.

Sound Sport


The new SoundSport Wireless has an open design. Cheers to Bose’s StayHear+ eartips, which come in three sizes- large, medium and small -the bud sits loosely in your ear yet remains securely in place. However, they aren’t substitutable. The earbuds are very comfortable and are sweat-resistant. The earphones fit securely in your ears, thanks to the winged tips and they work affably as a headset for making calls and have an auto-off feature to reserve battery life.

The only downside is that the ear pieces jut out noticeably from your ears. Also, they’re a little bulky, but don’t feel heavy and the battery life runs maximum for 6 hours.

SoundSport Pulse


The SoundSport Pulse is made from silicone and features a soft cushioned fit which comes with an extra ‘wing’, which locks into the ears in order to have a smooth workout. The headphone is designed with an optical heart rate sensor, which works with fitness apps like Endomondo, RunKeeper and similar other apps. Bose has also launched its own Bose Connect app, which will show your heart rate data in real time. The wireless headphones bag enough charge to complete a marathon with music playing and five hours of heart rate tracking.

Currently out of these four models, QuietComfort 35 and SoundSport are available in Indian Market priced at Rs. 29000 and Rs. 13000 respectively.

Picture courtesy – forbes.com, tuexperto.com, techinsider.io, vox-cdn.com

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