Why AdBlock Plus Plugin Is A Must For Any Browser?

It has been quite some time that Suparna Anand, a fashion designer from Chandigarh, hasn’t seen any ads on his Google Chrome browser. A couple of months back, Suparna, on advice from a friend, installed AdBlock Plus, and the annoying ads that popped out of nowhere on her screen have disappeared.

Advertising on the internet is often done in a way which is obtrusive to the experience you expect when you land on a website. Some sites compel you to watch a full screen video, although you came to read some text. Many advertisements cost more money in data use, than you expect from viewing a page with images and text. These pages are designed in a way that makes you look at them. In many cases, the overt ones with more ambush marketing campaigns, makes you lose interest in going through the website’s content, because the pain to sit through the advertisements is not worth it.


But it’s the advertisement providers that have caused this situation by allowing their content to have malware, phishing links, pornographic images, and other irritating features like loud sounds and flashing colours. Data thefts are also quite common.

Whether you want to block advertisements or not, the AdBlock Plus plugin is quite handy. You can use the plugin to block rickrolls, offensive material, unpleasant videos and stuff like that. The AdBlock Plus can also block malicious software.

Some people prefer not to block all the ads they see. It is, after all, how most of the websites generate revenues and can continue pumping out free content for you. Even if you don’t want to block the ads, install AdBlock Plus for its power to block malware content.

AdBlock Plus is still a niche product, but a potentially big development for the online world, not because it simplifies the websites cluttered with irrelevant advertisements. The larger importance of the plugin is its potential to unleash an extreme menace to the business of online advertising. AdBlock Plus, after an installation which takes less than a couple of minutes, usually causes all commercial content disappear. No flashing banners and no Google ads based on the keywords you entered in the search box.

In a recent development, AdBlock foiled Facebook’s plan to stop blockers. The open source plugin, developed by Wladimir Palant, has discovered a way to strip advertisements from Facebook, even if they are served in the social media network’s new blocker-proof format. Any person with the updated plugin will be able to avoid ads in the news feed and Facebook sidebar. The method isn’t foolproof as yet, but the latest plugin is bad news for Facebook, which introduced the supposedly unblockable advertisements just about a week ago. While it’s entirely possible that Facebook may come up with additional measures to subvert blockers, the fact that AdBlocker responded within two days indicates a David versus Goliath in the days to come. It’s hard to imagine Facebook devoting its resources to outsmart a minor plugin every 48 hours.

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by techtalks @TechTalks August 25, 2016 11:11 AM UTC


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