Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Update Simplified

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In the first big update since the initial release of Windows 10, the company recently launched the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition OS. A completely free upgrade, the OS has major tweaks made to its visual and security features. There have also been a number of new additions made, like Windows Ink. Below are listed all the major changes that have been done.

The Upgraded Start Menu

When you start up your computer, the first changed feature that you will see is the Windows Start Menu. Instead of the ‘All Apps’ menu which earlier Windows 10 users may have become used to, there is now a simple list with all of your installed applications displayed. Seen on the left of the list are four icons for accessing you File Explorer, Settings, Account and Power. Placed on the right of the menu are the live tiles.

Tweaked Taskbar

With several updates, the taskbar now looks a lot more stylish and has several right-click options added too. You can also access a separate taskbar Settings menu now. The date and time have been neatly combined into one feature, which shows you’re your calendar and all its events when you click on it.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Microsoft’s Edge browser now has the ability to support extensions like AdBlock, Evernote and Pinterest Pin It, among others. It also received an array of other enhancements that aim to give it an increased user-friendly feel. The enhancements include, the restriction of Flash videos which you must now click on to play, a tab-pin ability, a history list that can be accessed by right-clicking on the back button and a download progress reminder that shows even when the browser is closed. There are several other added features that you will discover along the way if you are an Edge user.

Windows Ink

This is a pen-centric feature that allows you to use a stylus or your mouse anywhere in the OS. You can also now use it to sketch, scribble and make notes on screenshots or even draw a custom-made route in the new Maps application.

A More Accessible Cortana

You can now give the Microsoft assistant Cortana a command, right from the lock screen. If you want to quickly check directions, create a reminder or perform any other task, simply say ‘Hello Cortana’ and give your command.

A More Secure Windows Defender

The updated Windows Defender acts as an extra defense for your computer against malware. With the Limited Periodic Scanning feature, it scans your computer at set times even if you have an anti-virus already installed.

Android Connectivity from the Action Centre

You can now connect your Android device to your Windows computer using the Android Cortana app. This will allow you to view your Android notifications right from your PC and even locate your device by calling it from the computer.

There are quite a few other updates that have been made in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, however the major changes have all been mentioned above. If you have updated to the latest OS, you will notice several changes like the new emojis, a dark theme that is gentle on your eyes and an active hours setting so that unplanned updates do not interrupt you during you working hours.

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