World’s Most Expensive Smartphones

When it comes to gadget purchases, most of us have to stay within the limitations of a budget. But some gadget savvy people want to fulfill their rich tastes for tech, adorning them in precious metals and jewels. For those of you that prefer a bit of richness in your smart phone, we present to you, the most expensive phones in the world…

Savelli Jardin Secret


Jewelry maker Savelli has launched a line of expensive phones just for women. These phones are expensive enough for a man to flaunt it but women will be really glad to own them. It includes all kinds of glamorous materials into the design, including iguana leather, 18-karat gold, ceramic and, of course, diamonds.

Gresso Radical Black R1




Radical Black R1, is a limited edition series with only 100 units being made. Gresso’s modest design shows that sometimes, less is positively more. The Android smartphone’s frame is made from smooth aerospace-grade black titanium with a white titanium inlet of the company’s logo.

Black Diamond iPhone 5


Created by Stuart Hughes, this custom-made phone features a solid gold body with 600 perfect white diamonds lining the edges. However, it’s the 26-Karat black diamond acting as the phone’s home button that has made this phone popular. We have to say, that Siri looks simply spectacular dressed in diamonds.

Tonino Lamborghini Antares



Company’s latest smartphone, the Antares, does not display jewels in its design, relying instead on strong lines with considerate accents to draw the eye similar to the iconic sports car. It sports a 0.53-inch stainless steel-and-leather body with a 4-inch Gorilla Glass display.

Vertu Signature Touch


Vertu’s newest device, the Signature Touch is absolutely stunning, featuring stunning, yet sturdy titanium casing with a luxurious hand-stitched genuine leather rear panel.The smartphone is packed with Android 4.4, 13 megapixel Hasselblad camera and Bang & Olufsen speakers with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound technology.

Gold HTC One


Everyone loves gold! After Apple revealed its artificial gold iPhone 5S, HTC too created its own reliable, glossy device. Aside from the expensive 18k gold plating, however, this is the same old HTC One we know and love.

Tag Heuer Meridiist


The famous watchmaker has once again taken its significant talents to design a smartphone, merging a stainless steel frame with a rear panel that incorporates gold, rubber and diamonds to have an attractive effect. The dual-SIM device’s sapphire 240 x 360 display is rather tiny at 2.4 inches, but the company added a small watch face along the top of the phone to compensate.

Keen to be a part of the uber club, buy one of these expensive phones and you are good to go. Do you have any of your favorites, do share with us.

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