xbox One –Tips And Tricks For A Better Gaming Experience

It’s very common for owners to be partially unaware of the true potential of their possessions.

Gaming enthusiasts are no different. So are you a proud owner of an Xbox One? This popular gaming console has been around for six months already and has improved a lot with time. To make your holidays more fun, here are some useful Xbox One tips and tricks to make your gaming experience more satiating.

Pace up the installation process


It’s a bit of a pain, when every Xbox One game requires you to do a compulsory install onto the console’s hard drive, even if you buy a physical disc. However, you can pace up the installation! Here’s how

First disconnect from Xbox Live by either removing the Ethernet cable from the console for wired connections or choose disconnect from Xbox Live under the console’s Network settings. Then run the installation as normal and re-establish your connection again afterwards.

Connecting a keyboard


Although Xbox One doesn’t come with a chat pad, it does enable you to plug a USB keyboard to your console for easier communication.

 Free games


Who doesn’t want to play awesome games that come for free right? Remember Project Spark? It is available in open Beta and downloadable for free straight from the Xbox Store and you don’t even need an Xbox Live Gold account. Another cool game called Killer Instinct is available but you will need the gold subscription. However, game modes such as Dojo, Survival, Versus and Practice will be accessible.

Disable disc auto-play


Assuming that, you’ve already downloaded the free Blu-ray app, if you insert a disc or Blu-ray into your Xbox One it’ll play automatically. If you’ve played a Blu-ray disc before and you reinsert it into the console, it’ll boot up from the point where you left off. However, if you wish to delay disc start-up until you choose to do so manually, you can disable auto-play by going to Settings > Disc & Blu-ray – and un-checking the boxes that read ‘Play Disc Automatically’ or ‘Resume Playback’.

 Access to latest games and broadcasts


To find out the latest game news and additions, press the Menu button when a video game is highlighted; you’ll find leader boards, video clips and can watch other Xbox One owners’ clips and broadcasts. Also, here you can purchase content.

Who’s Playing


Xbox controller with the Kinect sensor can now recognize the player. Once you hand over the controller to someone else, the console will know and adjust the settings.



One of the Xbox One’s most prominent features is its multitasking ability. Break applications to the side of the screen by using your controller. Try ‘Xbox, Snap ‘app name’ and it will quickly add a sidebar. 



Using Kinect’s 1080p camera lets you video call while playing games. Solely introduced with Xbox One, you can now video chat with at least four people on your TV.



With Microsoft making the console a development kit, you can now create games from the developer’s settings menu.

From recording something very cool that you’ve done or encountered, and sharing it on the internet or uploading them on YouTube, you can also add up to 1000 friends and an unlimited number of followers on Xbox One.  So grab your controller and be prepared to get thrilled!

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