Your Daily Gadgets Could Fall Victim To Cyber Criminals

While it is commonly understood that cyber criminals are lurking on the Internet and can wreak havoc with your online presence, remember that your safety can also be compromised right in the middle of your perceived haven – your home. As technology becomes ‘smarter’ and so do devices, they are also more vulnerable to attack. This includes appliances and gadgets that you rely on daily, be it in your living room or kitchen.

Take for instance those devices that are connected over a Wi-Fi network, such as your music player, or even your coffee maker. While these obviously do not carry any personal information that can be compromised, what they can do is become a point of entry to your wireless network that can then be attacked subsequently. Similarly while a smart washing machine may be a good option to ensure you can do your laundry on the go, you are likely exposing your home Wi-Fi network to cyber criminals awaiting a similar opportunity.

While we all want to keep our babies and children safe, the humble baby monitor has often invited trouble, because the frequency can be tapped to overhear the parents’ conversation. Hence discussions such as when you are going to be away on holiday (and your house therefore being vacant for an extended time), or even information on your work timings can easily be misused.


Similarly, smart TVs are also open to attack when the recordings of your conversations can be breached by a third party. While these flaws have been identified on occasion and manufacturers do take corrective measures to rectify them, they continue to be a threat and can put you at risk.

Another point of attack could be your mobile phone, because not only does it rely on your home network but it also can be the key to the smart door lock of your main door, given that such security features are available. In principle, it works great – no one but you (and your phone) can gain access to your home, but what happens if your phone is stolen? On a similar note, cars that provide keyless ignition are also open to attack, so before you buy one, do check that your insurance covers these vehicles.

Home control

Of course, not using these gadgets because of a likely risk is not a solution. While there may be no fool proof solution per se, as users we should take the maximum precaution that we possibly can. For starters, ensure that your home network is protected by a robust password so that it is not easy to hack into. Further, devices such as eternal CCTV cameras should be checked at periodic intervals, because they can be hacked from the outside. If at any point you are uncomfortable with using a device or believe that there is data leakage from an unknown source, take a step back and evaluate all the tech gadgets from where it could be occurring, and work towards securing those devices as well as your personal space.

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