YouTube Launches On-Demand Service For $35 A Month


Digital is the new Television. With inclinations shifting towards the digital space, on-demand television is the all new rage. We are always on the move and missing our favourite Television shows is quite saddening.  With on-demand television, all your favourite shows will be at your fingertips, when you want it, when you need it.

The premier video streaming channel, Google and YouTube have joined the ranks of other players who are already providing these services. Google aims to bring live-streamed TV to every aspect of your life along with anything that supports Chromecast. According to YouTube, this platform aims to offer the younger generation a platform to view the content of their choice, anytime, anywhere.

At a recently concluded event in Los Angeles, YouTube announced that they will offer a mix of live –streams of broadcast and cable television programming along with all other YouTube videos that are available. For now, the YouTube on-demand is available in major U.S. centres for $35 a month and will soon be available in other cities. However, it is not known which cities will have access to YouTube TV.

YouTube streams content form 40 providers including big broadcasting networks such as ESPN, FOX and many more. Subscribers can avail of a Cloud DVR which offers unlimited storage, AI-Powered search, customisation, and access to YouTube Red Programming. However, channels like HBO, CNN, PBS, the Cartoon Network, TNT, or Viacom channels, such as Comedy Central, MTV and VH1 as well as Nickelodeon and Scripps’ Food Network and Home and Garden are not included in the subscription pack. Also, being a standalone channel, you would have to keep your subscription valid to view YouTube Red channels.

As per the platform’s guidelines, you can add up to six accounts per subscription. Also, you can record unlimited data and each account can be customised as per personal preferences. Further, each account will be accompanied by a personal DVR, so your space remains your space. Unlike other traditional video on demand functions, you will be able to fast forward the content within programs that have a C3-C7 rating. You can also control the device by voice command.

Presently, the whole process is in its testing phase and YouTube is looking to add more major networking channels to the tray. However, they are looking at methods to add more channels without running up the cost. Also, the company has not specified a release date and in February they hinted that the on-demand service will roll out in a few weeks in the U.S.

You will have to wait for the official announcement but the prospects seem bright for the internet’s largest video company.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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