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YouTube is the only website that can boast as the single spot for entertainment, education, seminars, and business videos. Plus it is the most frequented site and you can even share. So there are lots of us who have been using YouTube from the day it has been launched, but still are ignorant of the benefits it offers. There are some traits in the website that are not accessible to all, but there are certain ways you can access it. Here are the few tricks which are little known of which they can enrich your YouTube experience.

Download Videos Effortlessly 

For downloading videos on YouTube most people use the YouTube Downloader or any other video downloading software or copy the link and paste it on some video downloader website. But all this is not required, just type ‘ss’ in front of YouTube after the ‘www.’ On the video page you want to download. There you have it, you will be forwarded to the downloading page where even the quality of video can be selected.

Branding or Adding Watermark

Branding or watermarking the logo, by which you state that the work done is yours and no one can claim as their own. YouTube allows the users to watermark the video that you upload.

For making a brand logo that shows on all the videos that you upload, follow these steps:

Sign in->Creator Studio->CHANNEL->Branding->Add a watermark->Choose File Button->Save->Upload

The user can also set the logo on display for a certain period of time and all this process is needed to be done once.

Lay Back

If you are tired of using YouTube by mouse all the while sitting, then at the end of the URL just type “leanback” at the last. See the YouTube interface transforming, with all the controls happening with keyboard alone.

Make A Gif Out Of Videos On YouTube

On the video page, type gif in the URL like This readdresses you to the gif page where you can select the start time, end time and also if any subtitles you want to include.

Make YouTube Colourful

Fed up of the same look of YouTube menu then in the search bar type “doge meme” click enter and then watch the magic that happens.

Advanced Search & Filter Options

While you are watching a certain video, there are high probabilities the video is in high resolution which would not get streamed with the internet speed or the resolution is too low. Make your search more precise by choosing filters at the top and from the wide range of options pick the format in which you want the video.

Add A Subscription Link To Your Video

In your YouTube account go to Video Manager and click edit on any of the uploaded videos. Next go to the Annotations section, which offers options of Speech Bubble, Note, Title, Spotlight or Label out of which you can select one. Next is the personalization after which go to ‘Link check box’ choose Subscribe and enter your YouTube user name. Then click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Apply Changes’ and if you want the Subscribe button can be watermarked, by using the trick 1.

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