Yu Yureka Plus: A Steal Deal


Backed by Micromax, Yu unveiled its third smartphone in India, called the Yureka Plus.

As the name advocates, it is basically advancement for the now-discontinued Yureka. This new smartphone looks similar, brags much of the same specifications — although with a immensely improved display — and is priced a bit higher at Rs 9,999. At this price, it takes the newly launched Lenovo K3 Note head-on, but just how good is Yu’s latest smartphone you may ask. Let us check out.

Look and Feel

The Yureka Plus has taken its predecessor’s qualities for a reason; it looks and feels exactly like the Yu Yureka. There is nothing different, and you will not be able to tell the difference between the Yureka and Yureka Plus if both were to be placed together. Though the phone is still attractive and feels great to hold.

The only difference you will see is a visibly sharper and more detailed full-HD screen. Yu has been shrewd, as the full-HD screen adds fantastic value to the package. It is sharp, detailed, and precise with colours. Although it’s satisfactorily bright indoors, outdoor brightness suffers a bit since it does not get as bright as required. However, it’s still a far better screen than we are used to seeing at this price level.

Specifications and Software

Yureka Plus has Cyanogen 12 OS a system based on Android 5.0.2 out of the box, an upgrade over the Yureka which came with Android 4.4.4. We love the operating system, since it offers a host of personal options that let you set your phone up exactly how you want it. From button functions to screen locking; from the status and pull-down bar to the notification drawer; everything is customizable and can be altered to your fancy. Above all, it’s a quick and proficient system that is a pleasure to use.


Yureka was loaded with older Sony IMX135 sensor; the Yureka Plus has the newer IMX214 sensor. Although both are 13-megapixel sensors, the IMX214 has small technical tweaks that promise better photography and videography.

Pictures are sharp and have colours that are lively and truly pop. However, there are definite problems in the handling of low-light conditions, with dark zones in images looking too dark to be able to spot any detail.

The camera app has buttons for quick video, photo and panorama shots, along with a flash selector, the camera switcher and a shortcut to the various modes. It’s well designed and makes camera use easy.


The Yu Yureka Plus is a proficient device in terms of performance, thanks to the combination of strong specifications, and an outstanding operating system. Even with apps and games, the phone run well most of the time, with graphics slowing down on rare occasions.

Call and speaker quality are both excellent, and network reception gives no reason to complain. Battery life on the Yureka was okay, but this seems to have been improved significantly on the Yureka Plus, despite the higher-resolution screen. The battery drains as quickly as any Android smartphone, and so it should securely last a full day with normal use.


The Yu Yureka Plus is a smart way to support the company’s first product now that the competition has had some time to catch up. It has improved enough to give it a sense of newness, while keep in mind all the qualities that made it stand out in the first place. This is what keeps the phone and the company significant, and we have no questions with recommending the Yu Yureka Plus if you are looking for a smartphone under Rs. 10,000.

Picture courtesy- fonearena.com

by techtalks @TechTalks August 10, 2015 5:50 AM UTC


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